A successfull campaign begins with a thorough examination of the big picture. Giving thought and value to all ideas is at the core of being a marketer and a designer. But being strategic is essential to being successul in the face of constantly changing forms of communication.

1 Research This is the foundation for the entire brand so a lot of time is spent here. I look at trends, behaviors, and opinions of the brand. I like to get into the nitty gritty of the target audience by doing field research. Being well informed is crucial to producing honest and successful work that accurately reflects the product. You can never know too much and I strive to teach the client something new.

2 Ideate I love brainstorming and the freedom of being a disruptive thinker, meaning that I just let the words flow.. From sketching to 180 degree thinking to word lists, this step is my playground. The dynamism of a group and focus of a solo study are both conducive to my style of working.

3 Solidify This is where I begin to finalize ideas. Collaboration with a creative team will guarantee a solid campaign. At times, ideation continues at this stage due to feedback received along the way. I consider myself a big-picture thinker; I know that success is in the details.

4 Present After research, presenting is my favorite part. I enjoy the face to face interaction with clients and continually working to understand their needs. I love explaining the "why" and continuing to gain feedback. Nothing is ever perfect; there is always room for improvement.